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Advantages of Twice the Ice

Twice the Ice independent owners have incredible advantages over the competition.



  • 5 US patents and several international patents surrounding the ice storage and delivery process

  • 170,000 ft2 manufacturing facility with team of technical and engineering specialists

  • Ice House and Kiosk are engineered and built to withstand 150 mph winds (category 4 hurricane)

  • Our interior parts and components are made with food-grade stainless steel and HDPE (high density polyethylene) plastic.

  • We use multi-level water filtration and a water softener (as necessary) to guarantee that the customers’ ice and water are clean and taste great. The Ice House provides ice and water that is refreshing and safe to enjoy.


Product options

  • Machines can sell two sized bags or bag and bulk 

  • 1, 3 and 5 gallon reverse osmosis purified or filtered water


Operational aspects

  • Payment options: Cash, coin, credit or debit card, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, tokens and coupons

  • Ice House and Kiosk dispense a bag of ice 12 seconds after the purchase is made

  • The bin size of an ice vending machine has a big impact on how many customers it can serve, and how quickly it will run out of ice. Twice the Ice vending machines come with large bins and multiple choices in capacity, so you can pick the right size for your customer base. For high demand locations a second ice maker can be added. 


Technical support

  • SmartIceTM Remote Management System allows for superior cash management processes

  • Technical support 365 days a year from our local distributor network


Pure, Fresh, Eco-Responsibility

  • Ice is produced in the machine, so only the customers ever touch the ice.

  • Ice is never frozen in a clump, it is soft and chewable, and taste great.

  • Ice is produced on site and as needed, eliminating carbon-emitting deliveries from our process. 

  • Our largest ice machine model, produces up to 13,000 lbs. of ice a day, yet is only 200 square feet. 

  • Customer may choose bulk ice, our most environmental friendly option without plastic bags. 

  • We eliminate the need for local businesses to operate and maintain their own expensive ice machines. 


Winter Temperature Operation 

  • —The Ice House (and Kiosk) are engineered and built to operate during the winter season.  Due to its cold weather operational package and an industrial icemaker, owners are able to continue making and selling ice during the 3-5 months of cold weather.

  • —Key components for cold weather operation:

  • Industrial-grade Arctic Temp icemaker

  • Cold weather operation kit

  • Knowledgeable dealer and owner network within the mid-west

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